About Us

The company is engaged in the supply of high precision mechanical components produced by CNC bar, with bar passage from 6mm to 65mm.

Our machines allow the execution of the most complex turning, milling, boring, threading and knurling processes. MAZAK VTC / B milling machining center, 4 vertical axes.

Nuova MCM srl is available to perform special parts also in stainless steel.

Nuova MCM srl works as a primary technological supplier for hydraulics and agricultural mechanics companies, details for electric submersible motors 4 “, 6”, 8 “, 10” and 12 “.

With a thirty-year experience as an artisan company, it has been developed with the realization of special bar turned parts with quality and innovation. Thanks to technological upgrades in production and adopting new processing techniques, Nuova MCM srl guarantees high quality of its products and a price list in line with the market.

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Via Pietro Colletta, 7, Reggio Emilia (RE) 42124


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